Our Own Version of Ameican Idol — Karoke Night

What a great Saturday night on the campground with music hosted by our longtime RVers—Joni and Delton Jones. They brought all of their karoke equipment out to Hummingbird Station and set up a stage to entertain Vineyards campers. And that’s exactly what they did…in grand Texas style.

More than 50 campers came out to watch the sing-a-long, and some were brave enough to share the stage with Joni and entertain the crowd as well. Joni sang many great songs, and others of all ages did as well. But no one did this year’s favorite American Idol song —”Pants on the Ground” (?)

We’ve already had requests for a repeat performance, so we hope to schedule the Jones again in the Fall when they return to the campground. Thanks again Joni and Delton!

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