We’re Moving Dirt Now!

The time has come! Cooper General Contractors began moving dirt this week. “First, we started digging out three new RV spaces on the campground in what we are calling Area 1 on the west side,” reports Fred Foxx, project manager.

“We’ve also installed temporary silt fencing, which is a required sediment control device we use to protect the water quality of Grapevine Lake during any rainy days we might have during construction.”

Some of the electrical conduit has been installed as well. Cooper’s construction crew will take Memorial Day off, returning Tuesday to begin pouring concrete pads for the planned three new RV sites. As the week goes on, Cooper will move into Area 2, and begin clearing the ground for seven new cabin sites, as well.

“This coming week—the first week in June—will be the first time the Front Office may need to relocate current campers to other sites due to construction,” shares Foxx. “We have a good communications program in place to inform and work with present and future guests about possible site moves needed during this construction.”

“And here’s a shout out to my new friend in the Front Office—Dan Green—for photographing construction work each week for you to see the progress … great job my friend! So, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the Front Office or me. We are working hard to improve the campground for you.”

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