Moving Dirt is What It’s All About Now

It’s been a good week on the campground for Cooper Construction crews… a little warm, but after all—its summertime.

Fred Foxx continues to review construction plans as RV sites are being leveled and many new lift stations are being installed this week. Major electrical work is also being upgraded to accomodate the new sites, cabins and lift stations as well.

New cabins are now on order! And soon, we will get delivery on 4 two-bedroom cabins, 2 one-bedroom cabins with lofts, and 1 duplex for larger families or groups that want to stay together.

Soon, the fishing pier will be relocated and crews are busy this week staking out a new sidewalk to that location. In the mean time, campers still found time to enjoy the lake and drop a line in the water this week.

In Guest Review surveys, one of the biggest requests from our campers was for level sites. Cooper is addressing that aggressively, and you can see that Foxx is assisting crews as they improve sites, insuring that campers will have those level sites when they stay with us at The Vineyards in the future.

More updates coming, so visit our blog often for construction news…

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